I offer EFT (widely known as tapping) Coaching sessions to help my clients move past blocked emotions, limits, and fears that stand in the way of them reaching for their dreams.

Here is a collection of what my clients have to say about our work together…

The session we had was AWESOME!  I slept uninterrupted eight hours and kicked butt at my depo! I did it and was calm and cool the whole time!  Doing two more on Thursday.  The attorney said to me at the end, “This was fantastic.”   Yay me!!   Thank you so very, very much! – Angie from ID

Since we started tapping 3 months ago, my mind is a lot quieter and my relationship with food is totally different. My focus is better, I have more passion now and I have been able to set and reach new goals in my life. Odel from NY

I am so happy with the coaching sessions. So many areas in my life are changing. I am the proudest. I have a new lease on life! – Anonymous from New York

Just had a coaching call with Terran and she is amazing! She helped me clear a lot of junk! Can’t thank her enough!  – Wendy from California

I started working with Terran in September of 2015 and have seen the most dramatic results with her!  First, I was trying to sell my house in San Diego and within one month I found a new agent and my house sold in THREE DAYS!  

I originally wanted to work with Terran for weight loss.  Well, I put on a pair of pants I haven’t been able to wear in YEARS; they fit perfectly, as did the other five pair I couldn’t wear!  

My life has improved dramatically in the past five months, and I’m really excited to continue working with her and see what else we can manifest in my life! – Angie from San Diego

I have been having some really amazing tapping sessions with Terran. She really is a blessing on two legs. I am clearing so much during our sessions. Love my sessions with her. – Maggie from Europe

I totally appreciate you and all the wonderful transformation that working with you produced. Tapping with you is something that everyone needs to experience if they want to blast through their blocks in record time, you are the coach to go to! You are so easy to talk to it has been a pleasure working with you. – Wendy from Montana

Working with Terran has been a real life-changing experience. For the first time in my life, I feel like a grown-up. I am free from my authority figures and took back the control of my life!

I am able to make choices and take decisions totally by myself and not because of my history or family. I have always been so bored with exercise and now I can’t wait to do more: yoga, running, and boxing, that’s what I want and need. 

I’ve also learned a few tools to deal with emotional eating and cravings and it’s working so well! I don’t fear the future anymore. – Aline from France

Look at me Miss “I-can’t-stop-eating-ice-cream” has indeed stopped!  I was craving a fish fillet and a chocolate milkshake from McDonald’s today, so I stopped and got one with a small milkshake. Less than halfway through it just didn’t taste good anymore and I lost interest in finishing it! I’m making progress…  That’s big for me! – Maria from Texas

I just wanted to say, “Thank You” for our tapping session.  I was really dreading going to work but, after our session, I was not really worried anymore and I had a wonderful day.  Something crazy happened: I asked for help and accepted any help others were offering. This is totally out of character for me.  

I felt so great about everything, I even passed up cookies that are in the teacher’s lounge (again totally out of character)! – Kayla from Indiana

Terran worked with me on a very stressful situation at work, which increased already existing neck pain. She was able to get to the root issue of a similar interpersonal pattern in my family of origin. 

She used EFT to help me put the work issue in perspective, release neck pain and bring healing into the underlying family pattern.  – Terry from Oklahoma

After working with Terran, my food obsession ended. My time is no longer spent worried about when I can eat and self-sooth next. It is so freeing. I had no idea the root cause of my problem. Terran is simply amazing as a practitioner and so accepting of her clients.

Since our 6 month-long tapping journey started I have noticed I am tackling major cleaning projects around my home that I had been procrastinating with before. I am also off the couch more and getting back to me! – Muriel from South Dakota

I loved working with Terran.  She was so unfazed by my emotional junk and really helped me work through it very quickly.  

There were times where I thought there was no possible way a specific outcome could happen, but we cleared my blocks (that I didn’t even know existed) and the impossible became possible.– Kristin from California

Wow, my first session today was amazing. Loved the session: tears, laughter and really getting to the nub of it right away. I was startled at having to talk about me, taken aback by the strength of emotion I felt but not at all surprised by the ease with which EFT got me to a place of peace and tranquility! Awesome. – Claire from New Zealand

Terran is a natural! She was super at coaching me through my inner work throughout this program. Graced with an intelligent intuition and gifted sense of what aspect to focus on, she was the perfect match for what I needed. – Anna from Texas

I wanted to mention that Terran is an amazing coach!  – Laurie from Texas

I’ve only have had two sessions of tapping with Terran and I knew by the end of the first one, well all I can say is WOW! I have never felt so light and so free in my life! – Patty from Ohio

It is definitely worth getting private coaching sessions! I have taken several programs without any private coaching support and although you do get some breakthroughs, it is more difficult to get to the very specifics of the core issues one is going through.

Having someone with experience working with you makes it easier to let yourself go and really dive into the emotions.  I just let go of so much more working with Terran as my coach. – Lucy from Mexico

Thank you so much for the amazing session today! It’s unbelievable how deep we can go with Tapping, and finish the session feeling energized, liberated, and loving myself. Thank you, thank you, thank you! Looking forward to the next one! – Fabiana from Canada

Terran has really opened up my thought patterns and process, and in a matter of one month has completely turned around my success in my business.  I recommend giving her a call not only for yourself but for anything in your life if you are feeling stuck or just simply want more opportunity and success! – Chantel from Louisiana

Thanks for this morning! After working with you, I felt peaceful and was able to call my husband and feel love without judgment!– Deb from Texas

I enjoyed my experience working with you as my EFT coach.  It was easy to relate to you. This was my first time practicing EFT and I feel that it did help relax my mind and shift emotions during a very turbulent time in my life.  And while I still have lots of work to do, I feel that it was a great jump-start to entering healthier and more loving relationships. – Blaire from Louisiana


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