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First and foremost, know that my intention behind this blog is always to inform and inspire my readers.  I talk about my life, what’s going on and what matters to me in any given moment.


About Me, My Method & My Madness.


I have the drive to teach my clients how to discover and release the baggage they have been subconsciously hauling around. This always results in a happier, healthier life for them and their families.

I accomplish this by using Emotional Freedom Technique (aka Tapping) as the base technique in my practice because time and time again…it proves to be a success where most other tools fall short.

I treat myself as a guinea pig and test various tools, tips, and techniques in order to find out what truly works: I want the best for you guys and naturally toss out what isn’t working. Then I either write a How To or make a quick video about how to apply it to your life. I include links, pictures, and information on everything I can get my curious little hands on in the self-growth world!

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My two best features: long legs and emotional freedom (Hint: Look at the bag)



Some Back Story.


I have worked with EFT since 2009 for my own emotional health and I am blown away by the changes I’ve witnessed in my life!

Let me break it down: I was a mess, though you would never know it because I kept it all together and pretended everything was fine.

I proudly wore my “No problems here!” badge while I desperately tried to figure out how to help myself get better.

Behind the scenes, I felt depressed, experienced painful digestive issues, a sense of agoraphobia, and constant muscle pain that no amount of massage could cure. I had no clue why I had these problems or how to change any of it. But I found my way out of the constant pain and it was only after using EFT on myself.

Today I can honestly stand here today and tell you that each and every one of those problems are history. Simply gone.

I went from feeling depressed, stuck and confused to have a clear direction and strong drive to assist clients in doing exactly what I did: I gave my life a complete overhaul and now live my life happily…minus the baggage.

Here is the method to my madness: I simply toss all of my latest research on what’s working for me and for my clients (spirituality practices, energy methods, visualization, etc.) into a pot to see what kind of results will come out!

You will easily recognize through my blog posts, social media and videos that EFT always comes out as the tool on top of the heap simply because IT WORKS.

It’s not that I haven’t tried Qigong, massage, crystals, essential oils, Reiki, meditation, Byron Katie’s The Work, yoga, The Secret and the Raw Food Diet, it’s just that EFT is more powerful than any of those things combined. It is hands down the most powerful tool I have ever found, conventional talk therapy included. EFT is gentle in delivery yet powerful in results.


My Words.


My writing style is super casual (as if you couldn’t already tell…).

No need to dress up and get fancy here. Instead, plop yourself down, toss your feet up and relax! You will notice that I like to insert my thoughts,  puns, and silly comments into my writing so just humor me, will you?

You will also notice a fine spattering of grammar mistakes and/or misspellings throughout my writing.

My apologies for these little flaws as I am no English scholar.  It would drive me bananas to give in to my perfectionist side and try to catch each and every imTL_Logo_Mint_Fnlperfection.

I hope that the essence of what each post is saying comes through loud and clear and you can giggle your way through my typos, slips of the finger and grammar misses.

Well, I believe that’s it for now folks! I am sincerely pleased to have you as a reader and ecstatic to have a platform to house my ramblings.

Glad you stopped by…

**Takes a bow, blows a kiss**


– Terran Leigh

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Disclaimer: Terran Leigh is not a medical doctor or a therapist and is not qualified to make any type of diagnosis. The contents of all newsletters, websites, social media posts, tapping scripts, articles, blog entries, videos, freebies, and related materials are offered for information purposes only. Before you make any changes to your lifestyle or add a tapping protocol, please consult your primary care physician and licensed therapist. 

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  • Brendan Quinn
    September 1, 2016

    Hi Terran,
    Greetings from Dublin, Ireland; just came across your delightful website; many thanks for all the bubbly, positive articles; I especially liked the articel” the Hamster Wheel” in August 2013…and its contents are very relevant for a current client of mine!
    I currently use material from Brad Yates on my “EFT In Action” radio programme on http://www.liffeysoundfm.ie from 11.30 am to 12 Noon, on the 4th Sunday of each month.
    May you have many years of continued success as an “Energy Technique Mixologist”!
    Best Regards,

  • Terran Leigh
    September 4, 2016

    I’m glad to meet you virtually. Thanks for the note! Happy Tapping:-)

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