Conquer Your Fear of Flying

When tapping on a specific fear or phobia, you will want to completely deconstruct each piece of your fear. In my experience, tapping using general phrases like, “This fear of flying.” or “My horrible fear of spiders.” won’t get you very far very fast. Try this instead…

  1. Get your fear to flare up. In my fear of flying example, I asked my client to imagine she is taking a flight tomorrow because I needed her to experience the feelings in order to tap them down. I asked her questions like, “Does the fear appear immediately when you book your flight? Or is it when you think of packing for the trip? Does it get worse when you arrive at the airport? How do you feel waiting for your flight / boarding the plane /  sitting down and buckling your seatbelt / taking off, etc.?” Piece by piece I recorded when her fear spikes up and we tapped on each and every piece of it, cleaning it out bit by bit.
  2. Tap the moment you experience the fear. While you are visualizing this imaginary flight you will most likely experience your fear or phobic response; this is the golden ticket and this is where you want to immediately start tapping. Paying close attention to:
    1. Body sensations (racing heart, impending tears, tightness in stomach, etc.)
    2. Sounds / voices / memories in your mind (the pilot announcing that there is a problem with the plane mid-flight, the flight attendant announcing that there is a delay and you must remain on the plane until repairs are completed, sounds of turbulence, etc.)
    3. Images flashing through your mind (an image of the flight going down, seeing yourself trapped on the flight, an image of you missing your flight, etc.)  All of the above will tell you that you have successfully accessed your fear. Your body sensations or visual images will be unique to you; I only give general examples to help guide you.
    4. Test, test and test again. The last, extremely important piece is to test your work. Once you have tapped each and every piece down to zero, go back to revisit every piece. Stop and measure your response then tap down any piece that brings up an emotion (fear, sadness, dread, avoidance, confusion, etc.) You may even notice that new pieces are popping up. This is fabulous! It means your subconscious mind is cooperating with you and seeks to clear your remaining fear out; tap on these new pieces.

Of course, the ultimate test will be on your next flight. Chances are you will notice your flight experience is different because the tapping has dismantled most of your fear but if you still experience fear on your next flight it means you have a few remaining aspects to handle. Tap them down and you are golden!

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Have you had successes with tapping on fears and phobias? What were your struggles? How did you test your results? Shoot me a quick note at!


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