Persistence Pays!

“Tapping just isn’t working for me. I’ve tried it a few times and it doesn’t work. What about all those YouTube videos I saw where people seem to be tapping away major symptoms and diseases in one session? What am I doing wrong?” asked my tapping buddy who had reached out to exchange tapping sessions.

We dove in and I started jotting down all the things that bothered her about her problem. Together we gave each item a rating and began working through the list. By the end of our meeting I read through her list again and she was amazed at how much she shifted after our tapping.

What did we learn here?  Two things:

  1. Notes are key – Write everything down. Record details when you start working on a problem and record notes each time you work on it. This will clearly define the shifts and changes that are actually happening but you have (mysteriously) missed.
  2. Persist, persist, persist – Tapping only works when you use it. It’s just like brushing your teeth, you will only see results when you do it daily. (Hope that made ya giggle!) So when you might be feeling frustrated that tapping does not seem to be working for you, remember this: every time you come at a problem / issue / memory with EFT Tapping you are weakening it, loosening it, creating some space within yourself. Trust the process.

My advice to tappers everywhere: Make like a Nike shoe and “Just Do It”!

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