Tapping To Release Anxiety…Especially When Hosting Guests!

I don’t know about you guys but I have personally struggled with social anxiety my whole life. I get especially nervous when I host people in my home…even if it’s just one friend! I over-stress, over-think and work myself into such a tizzy that I just want to cancel the whole thing and hide in a cubby!

Not good.

So I decided to tap and it helped release my anxiety. Imagine that!

I made this video for those out there who feel me…those who want to feel comfy and calm in social situations, but haven’t quite experienced it.

As always, the more you tap the more you free yourself…Let’s get down to business!


Click here to tap along!

TerranLeigh.com_Emotional Freedom Techniques - Tapping To Release Anxiety_Terran Leigh_EFT PractitionerIn case you missed it, click here!

What thoughts came up for you while tapping along? Any memories? Shoot me a quick note at Terran@terranleigh.com!


Terran Leigh

TerranLeigh.com_Emotional Freedom Techniques - Tapping To Release Anxiety...Especially When Hosting Guests_Terran Leigh_EFT Practitioner

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