Tapping To Be Less Critical

Feeling aggravated..annoyed…emotional…like you are right and they are wrong? Finding yourself being critical of others and maybe a bit judgey?!

Okay, okay, take a deep breath with me. 

If you sometimes feel triggered by relationships, friendships or interactions with coworkers that is totally normal and also very tappable! Why live with it when you can move past it?

These instances of annoyance and criticism become gold in that they are the perfect opportunities to look inside yourself and maybe even do a laser tapping session.

Chances are if you are criticizing others, you may be subconsciously criticizing yourself.

Instead of getting caught up and putting this energy out into your daily life, let’s end the struggle and release those pesky emotions! I am here to tap along with you.

Click here to tap along!

TerranLeigh.com_Emotional Freedom Techniques - Tapping To Be Less Critical In Relationships_Terran Leigh_EFT PractitionerIn case you missed it, click here!

After you tapped along with me, what happened? What thoughts did you have? Drop me a quick note at Terran@terranleigh.com!


Terran Leigh

Tapping To Be Less Critical In Relationships

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