Tap Through Inner Conflicts

What do you do when you are tapping to change a current habit but hit an inner wall or inner conflict?tap-through-inner-conflicts

For example, you might really want to make new changes in your daily habits but when you sit down to tap, one part of you wants to change and the other part of you does not!

You might feel like you are fighting yourself. It might feel like a rebellious part of you is sabotaging the show!

What’s an EFT tapper to do?! Recognize both sides of your conflict while you tap.

The Back & Forth

Step 1: Voice One Side of Your Inner Conflict. Start by tapping through the EFT points while you voice one side of your inner conflict.

To get you started, an example might be, “I choose to change this habit of snacking when I’m not hungry / watching too much TV / overspending and getting myself into debt / insert your own habit here.”

Step 2: Voice The Second Side of Your Inner Conflict. Continue tapping through the EFT points while you voice the other side of your inner conflict.

An example might be, “But I don’t want to stop this habit of snacking when I’m not hungry / watching too much TV / overspending and getting myself into debt / insert your own habit here. I look forward to the relief this habit brings me. I’ve had this habit for years, how can I possibly let it go? I don’t know how to change. I don’t know how to live without this habit.”


Step 3: When To Stop. You will know when to stop tapping easily: Your inner argument will grow quieter and quieter. You might get new ideas on how to proceed with changing your habits for the better. You might feel inspired or motivated to change.

Tap along with me!

terranleigh-com_emotional-freedom-techniques-how-to-tap-through-inner-conflicts-tap-along-with-me_terran-leigh_eft-practitionerIn case you missed the video, click here! 

After you tapped through both sides of your conflict, what happened? Send me a note: Terran@terranleigh.com!


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