Save Yourself From Being Angry


It can be a powerful emotion, it can be an unwanted emotion, it can be an emotion that drives action. Whether you are comfy and welcoming of this emotion or uncomfy and avoiding this emotion, you can use EFT get some movement.

Here are two ways to ensure you are pinpointing your anger before you start to tap.

Two Simple Tips

  1. Get specific on how you experience anger. Below are a few key questions to help get you there.
    • How do I know I am angry? Insert your answers_____. An example: I can’t stop thinking about a certain situation. 
    • What reaction do I notice in my body? Insert your answers_____. An example: Flushing or hot heat. 
    • Where do I feel this anger? Insert your answers_____. An example: Do I feel it in my mind? As in, angry thoughts. Do I feel it in my body? As in, a knot in my stomach. 
    • What else do I notice when I experience anger? Insert your answers_____.
  2. Find a safe and healthy way to physically express the anger while you tap.
    • Take a drive allowing yourself to whine, yell, rant and complain while you tap. Really get into it; the point is to EXPRESS the anger and move it out of your body.
    • Practice angry, tense facial expressions while you tap.

 Remember to relax your whole body and take a deep belly breath after each tapping round to reset yourself.

Keeping Track Of Your Progress

As always, before you tap, rate the anger. Write down your SUDs level of intensity on a scale of 0-10, how intense is the anger right now? Zero equals no anger, while ten equals intense anger.

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In case you missed it, watch the video by clicking here. 

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