Using EFT on Pain

Pain is a hot topic that has a lot of people searching desperately for answers. Today we are talking about how to tap on pain and some things to look out for during the process.

Eh, What’s Up Doc?

First, always put your health ahead of the process by visiting your MD and getting a checkup. Get the all-clear from your doctor before you dive into tapping.

Detail The Specifics 

Once your doctor says it’s okay for you to try alternative methods on your pain the next step is to get extremely specific in describing your experience of the pain. Pain tends to respond to specificity…so whether you have a dull, throbbing golfball-sized ache in the upper left side of your right shoulder or a pinpoint-size, sharp, stinging pain beneath your left middle toe…the more specific the better!

Notice how specific I was? Do the same when describing your own pain.

Describe the exact location, size, intensity, and type of pain you are experiencing in the moment.

Rate The Pain

Write down your SUDs level of intensity even before you lift a single finger to tap. On a scale of 0-10, how intense is the pain right now? Zero equals no pain while ten equals intense pain.

The first number that pops into your head is your number. Trust yourself and go with it.

Assemble Your Tapping Phrase

Now you have your descriptive phrases that include:

  • location of the pain
  • size
  • intensity
  • any other words / phrases to detail the pain
  • a SUDs rating

You can now start by tapping one round or two rounds using your phrases. Just repeat the above characteristics while you tap through the EFT points.

Once you have completed your round(s), stop tapping and take a deep belly breath.

Check In Once Again

Now feel around for the original pain and ask; “How does it compare? Has it changed? Has it moved? Has it shifted?”

After That Pain!

Sometimes you might notice that the pain has moved. Perhaps it’s now in a new spot or has a different intensity. It may have a new size or shape. After each tapping

After each tapping round it is your cue to notice what, if anything, has changed about the pain. This is called “Chasing The Pain” and it’s quite phenomenal! It means you are making headway, moving energy and shifting the original pain.

Simply repeat the above process and chase the pain until it minimizes.

Persevere and persist! Pain can be a doozy but think of how much better you will feel if you bring your pain down from a 10 to, say, a 5.

Try it and let me know your results!


Terran Leigh


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