What’s With That Deep Breath?

Why-oh-why is it a good idea to take deep breaths during your EFT tapping sessions? It is simple really.

Taking a deep breath in between rounds of tapping will reset your energy system, help clear your mind, and get you ready to start the next round of tapping.

Deep Breaths Throughout

The point is not to breathe so deep so often that you are causing yourself to hyperventilate. Rather, you are simply inserting a deep breath here and there in between every 2-3 rounds of tapping. Easy does it!

Let’s break is down a bit…

Step 1: Tap – Tap through the acupressure points for 2-3 rounds.

What does that look like? Starting at the Eyebrow Point and progressing all the way down the body you will end on the Top Of The Head Point. Repeat 2 more rounds like this.

Step 2: Take A Deep Breath – Stop tapping the points and take one deep belly breath in then breathe it out.

Now  continue alternating Steps 1 and 2 until you feel less bothered by your issue.


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