Attract Your Exact Desires

Many clients come to me with great intentions to make a change, break an old habit or do something they have been procrastinating with for a long time. They ask me, “Terran, why is it so dang hard for me to improve my life? Why is my mind seemingly working against my good intentions and how can I remedy this? Help!”

My take on it is this: Your subconscious mind is running the show and somewhere along the way, it determined that your status quo is the best way to do things. Frustratingly, when you go to make changes your mind will resist your best efforts.  Your mind is sort of stuck in this rut and you find change hard to accomplish.

When you want to make changes you have to change the snapshots in your subconscious mind. Here is a quick and easy way to do just that…

Create New Snapshots

We want to show your mind exactly what you want by manipulating the pictures you have in your mind. We want to use 2 snapshots to communicate clearly with your subconscious mind:

Snapshot #1: This snapshot is what I currently have (your problem). Then lead into Snapshot #2: This snapshot is what I want instead (your solution)!

Step 1: Visualize – See the picture of  your current problem in your mind’s eye.

Step 2: Manipulate – Just as though you are editing a snapshot on your computer you will edit it in your mind. You might make the snapshot smaller, change the color of the snapshot to muted tones, sepia or black and white. Push the snap far away from you creating distance from it in your mind.

Step 3 – New Material – Now bring in a new snapshot of what you do want instead. See your problem solved in this new snap.

Step 4: Manipulate Again – For this second snap you want to manipulate it in a positive manner. Here you can bring the snap closer to you, enlarge it,  blow it up, make the color bright, beautiful and vivid.

These steps will begin to communicate with and train your subconscious mind to know what it is that you do want (the beautiful, bright close up snapshot) and help you start to create it in your life. Whether it’s a new habit or solving a problem, give it a chance, see if it works for you!


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