Grow Your Own Happiness

Do you think you could use more happiness in your daily life? Can you live with an extra spring in your step? Would you like to grow your cheerful feelings? I have an ingenious little trick that pulls from your own happy experiences and then engages EFT to bring those happy feelings into your daily life while making them stronger.  Check it out below!

Locate Your Raw Material

First, you will want to access your memory bank to pull from your own past experience of moments of happiness, feelings of contentment, and  any exciting dreams and desires you’ve had, etc. Pull anything from your memory that feels good or gives you those warm fuzzies.

Think of it as sifting through your inner scrapbook of “those were the good times…” and “remember whens…”.

Oh, and, fear not! I’m including ideas  to get you thinking and help jog your memory just in case you are having trouble getting into that happy state. Nothing is off limits, happy memories big or small are welcome here!

Remember the time you…

  • Petted a furry, four-legged friend
  • Found something you lost
  • Hugged someone
  • Felt a wave of happiness wash over you for no apparent reason
  • Smiled at a stranger
  • Heard a hilarious joke
  • Felt the wind blowing cool against your friend
  • Cried your sadness away
  • Ate a delicious meal
  • Received a compliment
  • Learned something new
  • Felt warmed watching a couple in love
  • Marveled at the beauty in nature
  • Experienced a palpable connection with someone
  • Insert your own happy thoughts, memories, and experiences…

Happy Taps

Now we add EFT tapping which will strengthen those happy feelings. With your list of happy things fresh in your mind (or write a list), start tapping the points. You don’t have to say a thing while you tap, simply remembering each item and feeling those yummy, positive feelings circulate through your body in waves will do the trick!

Try three rounds of happy taps then take a deep breath and go about your day as normal. Now you have built happier feelings into your day in the course of 5 short minutes! Nice work.


Terran Leigh

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