Make Friends With Your Inner Rebel

Is your inner rebel tripping you up? Sabotaging your success? Getting in the way of the changes you are dying to make? Let’s talk about it!

Self sabotage is a tappable issue and the answer can be as simple as starting a conversation.

Get All Chatty

In order to address self sabotage you will want to open up an inner dialogue with yourself.

Yes, I am asking you to hold and actual conversation with yourself. Crazy as it sounds, just humor me!

Think about it this way: it is as though you are acting as your own private detective. The goal is to ask good questions that allow you to get to the bottom of why the self sabotage is there in the first place. To find out what purpose it is serving or how it is attempting to help you.

Addressing your inner rebel directly, here are a few conversation starting questions for your inner dialogue.

Dear Inner Rebel,

  • “Why are you doing this?”
  • “Are you trying to help me in your own way?”
  • “Are you willing to work with me instead of working against me?”

Honor It Instead Of Running

It is vital that you acknowledge this inner rebel or self sabotage without shoving it down, hiding from it or pretending it doesn’t exist. Remember: what you resist persists.

Though you might want to fight your inner rebel use tapping to embrace it instead.

Recruit Your Inner Rebel

Why not go a step further and recruit your rebellious side to work for you instead of against you? If you don’t like the job it is currently doing you will want to tap and give it a different job; a job that serves you.

Ask yourself: how can this part of my personality help me? What can I ask it to do that will work towards my cause instead of against it?


Terran Leigh

Make Friends With Your Inner Rebel Terran Leigh EFT Practitioner

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