How Can I Detail My Tapping Success?

Do you find yourself tapping tirelessly only to notice minuscule results? Or do you find yourself making massive changes each time dedicate yourself to tap on a particular subject?

The difference in your results can make or break your dedication to integrating tapping as a habit in your daily life. As in, if you tap and feel successful you will be much more likely to continue using EFT. Whereas if you do not see changes, you might feel discouraged and hesitant to continue using EFT tapping.

Now You See It, Now You Don’t

With some tappable issues (problems that are responsive to EFT tapping) it can be a cinch to check your tapping progress. If you are working on a major fear or phobia, for instance, you will be able to tell how successful you are because your phobic response will change. It might change drastically as you discover a new quality of life you may not have had access to when the phobic response was in full swing!

Tackling major life patterns with EFT, however, can be very different: it is simply not as easy to notice the changes that might be happening behind the scenes. You might feel frustrated and feel like you are getting nowhere.

Let’s fix that!

What To Do

  1. Jot It Down. Journal a few quick yet in-depth notes about your problem before tapping on it. Ask yourself things like: What is my mindset around this problem? What negative self talk is caused by this problem? What does it feel like to have this problem? How does it stop me? What are some descriptive verbs you think about in relation to this problem?
  2. Tap Thru The Points. Tap 2-3 rounds on your problem then take a cleansing deep breath.
  3. Take a Break. Come back to your journal at a later time, or, better yet at a later date and re-read your original notes. What has changed? What hasn’t?

Hint: Whatever hasn’t changed is a great start to your next tapping session on this problem.

In wrapping up, I would like to leave you with this request: take the time to detail your progress with EFT. Follow the steps above and you will be blown away by how powerful and valuable it can be in your life.


Terran Leigh

How Can I Detail My Tapping Success? Terran Leigh

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