Using EFT To Improve Your Diet


Can EFT be used to improve your diet? Yes!

Can tapping change your relationship with food? Totally!

Is it a quick, easy fix? Well…

Persistence Pays

Improving your diet may be as simple as tapping away your major food cravings and tapping to improve your daily food choices. Or, more likely, it may be a longer, more drawn out process of determining why you eat what you eat, what it means for your body, the messages you received growing up and so on.

Tapping for food, diet and weight loss is not easy but it absolutely can be done.

Think: persistence in this case!

A Few Baby Steps

Here is what you need to know to start.

  1. Consult the experts. Get with your doctor or nutritionist to determine what’s right for your body type and your health needs.
  2. Focus on cravings. List out all of your favorite foods, all the characteristics you love about each food, SUDs ratings for each then start tapping. Take one food at at time and try not to move on to the next you have gotten your craving down to a zero. Hint: If this doesn’t seem to work for you on your own, grab a tapping buddy or hire an EFT coach to help.
  3. Ask your body. Tapping to find out what your body needs and wants might help you make better food choices. Tap along with this video to get started: Click Here

After tapping, were you inspired to try different foods in your diet? Send me your stories. I love hearing from you guys and gals so send it on in…


Terran Leigh

Terran Leigh - Using EFT To Improve Your Diet

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