Inspire Others To Release Stress!

The funniest thing happens when someone first learns about how powerful EFT can be: “Oh my sister needs this technique!” or “Oh my best friend would totally benefit from tapping!”

When clients ask me if there is a way to get their friends and family interested in tapping.

My answer is simple: be such a big inspiration that they want to know what you are on!

Be The Inspiration

All you can do is inspire the pants off of everyone around you so they become curious about how you are doing it. Then they might just come to you for the secret recipe on how to be happier and healthier in their own lives.

What is your best story about people who have been inspired by you?  Send me your stories. I love hearing from you guys and gals so send it on in…


Terran Leigh

Terran Leigh - Inspire Others To Release Stress!

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