Let’s Talk Relationships!

Are you in a relationship? Do you have friendships? Do you have coworkers? A roommate? A mom or dad? Chances are you have many relationships in your life!

Ever feel slightly annoyed with the people closest to you? Do they jump on your last nerve sometimes? Well, EFT is a delightful way to release these pesky emotions and get your fond, friendly feelings back on track.

How To

  • Grab a pen, a writing journal and start scribbling all of your complaints and frustrations (no matter how big or small!) onto paper.

Whine, moan and yammer about whatever is irking you about this other person.

  • Pick the most intense complaint on the list and ask yourself, “What emotions do I experience from this complaint?

Is it anxiety? Frustration? Anger? Sadness? Exasperation?

  • Now we tap! Going down your list of emotions:
    • EB: When (name person) does this (describe what they do) I feel (name an emotion from your list).
    • SE: I feel (emotion from list).
    • UE: I feel (emotion from list).
    • UN: All of this (emotion from list).
    • CH: This (emotion from list).
    • CB: I am stuck feeling (emotion from list).
    • UA: This remaining (emotion from list).
    • TH: I am open to releasing all of this negative emotion.
  • Take a deep breath, stop tapping and re-test the intensity of your original complaint.
  • Continue from bullet point 1 until your intensity is down to a 0.

You might be blown away at the shift you feel towards the person you were tapping about.

Want a partner in crime to tap along with you? You can book sessions with me here.

What shifted in your relationship after tapping? Send me a quick note on your progress and post on Facebook!

Yours Truly,

     Terran Leigh


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Want a partner in crime to tap along with you? You can book sessions with me here.

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