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Do you remember the “Contain Ya’self!” post?

I previously introduced The Container Technique as a handy tool that aids in wrapping up a client session if your client is still triggered at the end of the session.

There’s another wonderfully handy use for this very same idea.

What if instead of using it to close a tapping session you could use it to lessen the impact of what you are tapping on? When something really nasty and triggering comes up, what if you “put it in a container” to lessen the intensity of it even before you start tapping?

Same easy tool, The Container Technique, with a new, snazzy use: Feel better even before you start tapping!


Three Key Ingredients

Three important components come into play when it is the perfect time to use The Container Technique:

1) A negative feeling or emotion has surfaced

2) You are feeling highly emotionally triggered and need immediate relief

3) You have the intention to tap immediately (or as soon as possible) on this issue and get to a point of neutrality

Easy Does It

Step 1. Determine what highly triggering emotions are coming up for you.  Use a bit of visualization here and ask yourself “What negative emotions am I feeling?” Write the emotions down along with any SUDs rating (Scale of 0-10) for each emotion. An example would be: “I feel fear at a level 5 SUDs and I also feel despair at a level 3 SUDs.”

Step 2. While you are tapping the EFT points, imagine gathering up all of those bothersome emotions and placing them into a container of your choice. In your mind’s eye gather all of the negative emotions like you would a pile of laundry and toss them into the container.

Any container will do! It doesn’t have to be a specific color or size or material…chances are a visual of your container will flash in your mind as you are tapping this in!

Step 3. Tap on your container until your SUDs drop to a zero and you are ready to open the container. Once you feel safe enough to open the container, this is a good indication that you are shifting to a calmer, less triggered place.


Did The Container Technique work for you to lessen your intensity?  Send me a quick note on your thoughts or post on the Facebook page!

Yours truly,

Terran Leigh

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