A Most Annoying Question!

How many times have you heard it? How many times have you been happily tapping along with your EFT Coach when, yet again, they ask you that one annoying question: “What does this remind you of?”

Oh great! Now you actually have to sit there and rack your brain to figure out a good answer to give! Oh what fun.

I am here to explain why we, as EFT Practitioners, continue to torture you with this question! What is the point to it? What does it do for you?

The answer is: quite a bit.

So What Gives?

We ask you this one very important question because, A) we were trained to and B) it powerfully and quickly helps us get you to the root cause of what might be causing the issue at hand.

Many of the issues you find yourself dealing with can be rooted in your past. Searching for the answer to “What does this remind you of?” can take you right back to the source at the snap of a finger.

It’s genius, really!

Start Asking

That one question is a very valuable tool you can bring into your daily tapping routine.

It doesn’t always provide an answer but for those golden times that it does, you will be more successful in going deeper with your Tapping and getting closer to clearing the issue at hand.

Your mind makes connections and associations that are not always clear-cut. Asking the question, “What does this remind you of gets you to the root quickly!


Make The Most Of It

All you have to do is tap the acupressure points while you pose that question inside your mind (or out loud!). Then get quiet and give yourself space to hear or come up with the answer.


  • Give it a good, solid minute of silence to get your answer. Think patience.
  • Ask more than 1 time if you do not get an answer right away.
  • Watch what thoughts or images pop into your mind after you ask the question. They may be clues as to where your problem started.
  • Above all, do not judge the answer that comes up for you. Just go with it and start tapping no matter how “random or unrelated” it might seem.

If you ask the question multiple times and still cannot figure out what it reminds you of, then put this tool away and save it for another time.

Remember: not every problem stems from your past.

Did you get an answer? Did it help you go deeper? Send me a quick note on your progress and post on Facebook!

Yours Truly,

     Terran Leigh

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