Stay In Tune With Your Body

Think it might feel weird having a conversation with your body? You are probably right, especially if you have not tried it before.

Listening to your body is the single most powerful way to be effective in your tapping.

Your body is like a messenger system that is directly connected to whatever is going on behind the scenes: your mind, your emotions, your thoughts and your stresses. Why waste this valuable resource of free information? 

I am going to teach you how to tap your body for information.

Your body knows! Trust it.

The Body Scan

  1. Get quiet. To start you want to get quiet and take a deep breath to center yourself.
  2. Drop Your Attention. Now you want to drop your attention and focus inside your body. Scan your whole body up and down noting any feelings, sensations, pain, tension, etc.
  3. Write, Rate Then Tap.  As always, we want to write the exact words and the exact location in the body where you feel each sensation. Then rate the intensity of each feeling, sensation, pain or tension on the SUDs scale. So 0 to 10 (10 being the most intense) what rating would you give it?  Is it intense? Choose 10. Is it subtle? Choose a low number instead. Start tapping the points while repeating the descriptor words you wrote down. For example, your descriptors might sound something like this: EB: This pain in my upper right shoulder-blade. SE: This tension in my upper right shoulder-blade, etc.
  4. Notice Any Changes. Once you tap a few rounds, stop and take a breath. Now scan your body again. Has anything changed? Are the feelings more intense or less intense? 

Keep on tapping and repeating the process until your body sensations quiet down.

Did your body give you a lot of feedback? Send me a quick note on your progress and post on Facebook!

Yours Truly,

     Terran Leigh

Stay In-Tune With Your Body - EFT Coach

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