Toss It In The Pile!

Let’s call this technique “The Lazy Man’s Way to Tap”.

Not lazy in a bad way…I would say lazy in a highly efficient, effective way!

This technique can be used in a pinch and is pretty powerful considering you are not required to get super specific.

 Knock all of your tapping out in one fell swoop!

Here’s How

  1. Pick A Problem, Any Problem. Yes, folks, that’s right I am encouraging you to think of your problems, worries, nervous thoughts, negative emotions and anything else that may be plaguing your head space. Briefly let them all flash though your head, no need to dive into deep thoughts over them. Stay on the surface!
  2. Toss It Into A Pile. Now you want to take those problems, worries, nervous thoughts and negative emotions  and toss them into an imaginary pile of junk. This is where the visualization comes in. This “Pile of Junk” is all in your head:-)
  3. Rate It.  As always, we want to rate the intensity on the SUDs scale. So 0 to 10 (10 being the most intense) what would you rate your mental pile of junk? Is it really big, scary and threatening? Choose 10. Is it surprisingly small and easily manageable? Choose a low number instead. 
  4. Tap & Describe. Start tapping the points while you visualize and describe your mental pile of junk. Describe the size, the color, the proximity to you (as in, is it far away or really close?), etc. 
  5. Notice Any Changes. Once you tap a few rounds, stop and take a deep belly breath. Now look at your pile again. Has it changed? Is it bigger or smaller? Is it more intense or less intense? 

Keep on tapping and repeating the process until your mental pile of junk goes Poof! and disappears from your mind. Once it disappears you know that your work here is done!

Go out and conquer your day.

What did your pile of junk look like? What shifts did you notice each time you tapped a round? Send me a quick note on your progress and post on Facebook!

Yours Truly,

     Terran Leigh

Terran Leigh Toss It In The Pile

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