Help! Life Feels Overwhelming!

Do you feel like a crazy person on the daily? Running around from here to there, spreading yourself thin, trying to make everyone happy and keep your life together at the same time. Do you thrive off of that “I’m so busy” feeling but want to change to something calmer?

Let’s do something about it!

Get To The Root

Instead of tapping on phrases like “This overwhelm…all of this overwhelm” first do some digging around in your past.

Try asking yourself the following questions:

  • Does this overwhelm feel familiar?
  • Where / from whom did I learn this?
  • When did I first feel this overwhelm?

Kick the overwhelm in the pants by finding the original pattern at its root.

Answers will naturally pop up for you. Write them down and they will become your tapping phrases. You are almost ready to start tapping!

  1. Feel it. Allow yourself to feel the overwhelm and think over the answers to those questions.  Let it take you back into any past memories or patterns where you may have seen this modeled for you.
  2. Rate it. Give your overall overwhelm as you feel it now a number rating on a scale of 0-10.
  3. Tap on it. Tap through each of your tapping points while repeating the answers to the questions above. After a few rounds you might start to feel relief as your overwhelm melts away.

Pass it on…know any friends, family or coworkers who might benefit from releasing their overwhelm? Pass this article forward (they’ll thank you later)!

Same time, next week?

Where did you learn this overwhelm pattern? Was it during your younger years or more recently? Send me a quick note on your progress and post on Facebook!

Yours Truly,

     Terran Leigh

Blog Help! Life Feels Overwhelming!- Terran Leigh - EFT Coach

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