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Want to up your Tapping game? Resourcing yourself, folks, is a surefire way to make your Tapping more powerful and your healing deeper!

What’s Resourcing?

Resourcing is simply the idea of giving yourself ‘a helping hand’ by visualizing additional help during your tapping sessions.

The ‘additional help’ I speak of can take the form visualizing a trusted mentor, a valued coach, a trained therapist or even a brave superhero stepping into the memory with you and giving you assistance.

That’s right! I’m telling you to ask a superhero for help!

Why Is It Beneficial?

Here’s the deal: when you are tapping on day-to-day issues do you notice how you are often transported to a childhood memory from your past? Do you notice how you can start tapping on something your coworker said to you today that triggered a reaction and the next instant up pops a memory from your childhood? This is normal as EFT tends to take you to the root of your current problems which tend to stem from your past.

As you continue tapping and trying to get yourself to better place by clearing emotions, oftentimes you realize that the reason those memories affected you deeply all of these years are because you were left feeling helpless in your younger years.

You may not have had anyone to explain things to you or comfort you when you were younger causing these memories to leave a painful scar on your psyche.

Gain A Brand New Perspective

When you are working to clear a memory from your past and you notice that Tapping alone isn’t working, do this:

  • Determine your perfect resource. While you are tapping, ask yourself:

Who would have been helpful to have with me to help me feel better?

Who would have helped me feel stronger or safer if I had them by my side?

Who would have made a great trusty sidekick in my time of need?

  •  Let an idea pop into your mind. Whether it’s a picture of your loving grandmother, a strong superhero, a kind psychologist or a childhood pet allow your resource to pop into your mind. This will happen naturally after you ask yourself the above questions.
  • Bring in your resource. Now it’s time to let your resource (and your imagination!) work its magic. While you continue tapping your acupressure points you can start to visualize your chosen resource stepping into the memory with you. Allow them to help you.

How would a superhero have helped you feel safer?

What would a kind psychologist have told you if they were by your side helping out?

How would a childhood pet have provided comfort if they had been there with you in your time of need?

Do You Notice A Shift?

After tapping through the memory with your resource by your side, notice if you were able to shift your memory.

Did you gain a new perspective?

Do you feel like this memory affects you less?

Test it by once again thinking about what your started tapping on in the beginning.

Ask yourself: Does this memory feel any different now that I have resourced myself?

And that’s it folks! Play with the process, make it your own, mold it to your needs and use it to supercharge your EFT Tapping sessions!

 Talk to you soon!

Who was your resource? Do you get a different resource each time you use this technique?  Send me a quick note on your thoughts. Or post on the Facebook page!

Yours truly,

Terran Leigh

Up Your EFT Game - Terran Leigh EFT Coach

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