Tackle Triggering Memories Sneakily!

It’s time to get sneaky with your EFT Tapping style. Why? Well because sometimes things surface while you are happily tapping along that you may not be ready to talk about but you still want to clear them out.

It is so normal for memories that you might not be expecting to randomly surface during Tapping. Don’t be afraid…just tap smarter!

If you ever find yourself in a pickle and don’t want to ignore the memory or shove it back down…this article will show you the way to process it gently without forcing yourself to talk about it before you are ready.

Get Down To It

Three easy steps go into this technique:

1) Give the memory a random title. The title doesn’t have to be in any way related to your actual memory, in fact, this is what makes it sneaky. You want your memory title to be completely unrelated to the memory content which will help you to keep confidential material safe until you are ready to spill the beans.

For example, let’s say a memory of witnessing an honored figure of your community doing something less than honorable comes up during an EFT Tapping session. Here you are, you haven’t thought about this memory in ages because it was buried in your childhood psyche and suddenly, here you are, years later working with an EFT Buddy and it surfaces unexpectedly. What to do?!

Just because you aren’t ready to talk about what you witnessed doesn’t mean you have to ignore the memory or avoid it in any way. So in this case you could essentially title your memory anything, like “The Crooked House” or “This Memory” or “The Red Car”.

2) Rate your intensity when thinking about the memory title only. How bad does it bother you? On your SUDs scale of 0-10, are you feeling super triggered at a 10 or is it more like a 4? Decide your number and note it before you start tapping the acupressure points.

3) Tap on the title only. In step 3, we allow your mind to connect the memory title with the actual memory itself. You will tap out loud repeating the memory title only. You don’t have to go into the details of the memory; stick with the title only.

Tap until you drop your SUDs number to a 0 then see if you are ready to talk about the memory. If you aren’t, great! Now is not the time. Honor yourself by not talking about it until you are good and ready.

Keeping yourself safe while accessing triggering memories is  the best way to use EFT. Stay gentle, easy does it!

See you soon, everyone!

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Yours truly,

Terran Leigh

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