The Container Technique

Contain Ya’self!

Yes, that is what I want to teach you today: how to contain all of those overwhelming emotions when you start tapping but don’t have time to finish clearing them all out.

Or if you are an EFT Coach and work with clients you can use this to get them to a better place before closing the session.

Psst! The Container Technique is handy to have in your tool bag if you are a budding EFT Practitioner still getting the timing of a session down!

Three Important Ingredients

Three important components come into play when it is the perfect time to use The Container Technique:

1) The subject is feeling emotionally triggered or bothered

2) You are out of time and can’t continue the tapping session

3) You have the intention to revisit this issue and clear everything out at a future time

If those three items are present, then you are golden! Read on to learn step by step what to do next.

Easy As Pie

Step 1. Determine what bothersome emotions are still unresolved.  Use a bit of visualization here and ask yourself “What negative emotions am I still feeling?” Write the emotions down along with any SUDs rating (Scale of 0-10) for each emotion. An example would be: “I feel fear at a level 5 SUDs and I also feel despair at a level 3 SUDs.”

Hint: You want to write this down so when you revisit this at a future session, you know exactly where you left off.

Step 2. While you are tapping the EFT points, imagine gathering up all of those bothersome emotions and placing them into a container of your choice. In your mind’s eye gather all of the negative emotions like you would a pile of laundry (Hehe! What a great visual, huh!?) and toss them into the container. Any container will do! It doesn’t have to be a specific color or size or material…chances are a visual of your container will flash in your mind as you are tapping this in!

Hint: Don’t over think the container. Just allow a picture or a  visual of a random container to pop into your head and that’s what you go with:-)

Step 3. Emphasize that you will come back to this container and clear the remaining negative emotion out. You want to make sure your subconscious mind knows that you are not burying or ignoring the negative emotions but rather putting them away for now and returning at a later date.

This final step is mighty important.

Check In

After tapping through the above steps, note how you feel. Most of the negative feelings might have dissipated. If not, then you need to repeat the process to handle what is left.

You will want to reopen this container and resume tapping on it sometime soon. Keep your notes handy and pencil in time on your calendar. Remember you are number one and you come first!

Talk soon, lovelies!

How did The Container Technique work for you?  Send me a quick note on your thoughts or post on the Facebook page!

Yours truly,

Terran Leigh

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