Spring Forward


Spring is here! Can you feel it in the air?

Nature is not the only thing shifting, changing and blooming. You are too whether you’re aware of it or not. Another season has passed and you are a different person. You have grown and shifted in subtle ways.

Spring is a re-birthing, so welcome it into your life. Maybe you are ready to let go of some old beliefs and habits. Maybe you are ready to build new ones. Maybe you simply want to do a little “mental spring cleaning”.

I am here to help you with that!

Break It

Let’s get down to it: What do you not want in your life anymore? Fill in the blanks below:

  • “I am open to break my habit of___________.”
  • “I am open to toss out my belief that___________ is true.”
  • “I am ready to get rid of ___________.”
  • “I am dusting out the cobwebs by releasing___________.”

You can tap through the above phrases and start making changes in your life.

Build It

And now for the flip side: What do you want in your life starting this Spring? Fill in the blanks below:

  • “I am open to turning a brand new leaf and trying___________.”
  • “I love the fresh feeling of Springtime and choose to bring this into my life by___________.”
  • “I am budding in a new area of my life: ___________. I love seeing the changes everyday.”
  • “I can feel the subtle shifts in my life when it comes to___________.”

This is your chance to get fun, frisky and imaginative! Dream people.

Nurture It

After tapping through the phrases above that worked for you and making up your own, how do you feel? Motivated? Optimistic?

Nurture your budding newness each day by simply noticing any and every tiny little change in your life. Notice it and celebrate it

Happy Spring, lovelies!

What phrases did you come up with on your own?  Send me a quick note on your progress or post on the Facebook page!

Yours truly,

Terran Leigh

Terran Leigh - Spring Is Here

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