No Tapping Phrases? Do This!


This is the final straw! You’ve absolutely had it with this problem and firmly decide to make yourself do some tapping around it. So off you go to find a comfy spot and just as you’re settling in for your tapping session, suddenly your mind goes blank.


The Words

What words do I tap on? How do I know what my tapping phrases should be?

Those are the most common questions I hear as an EFT practitioner.

I totally get it! I was there once too. As a newbie to tapping, I had no clue how to come up with tapping phrases to shift the issues I wanted to work on.

I tried Googling tapping scripts online, tapping along with the EFT articles that contained phrases designed by advanced practitioners and finally tapping along with YouTube videos. I was desperate to find the right words from other sources because my own words wouldn’t come!

Grrr, this was so frustrating!

Expanding The Tool Kit

I  have since gained some insight and experience with both tapping for my own issues and tapping along with clients. I have a few more tricks in my bag for when the words don’t come. I would love to share them with you!

Tool #1 – Visualization 

Okay so if the words aren’t coming your way, know that you can always use visualization as an alternate way to, shall we say, “sneak in through the back door”.

Visualization allows you to quickly get a picture in your mind’s eye to tap on. In essence: those pesky words that just aren’t coming to you can be replaced by the picture in your mind. Since the main requirement while tapping is finding a way to tune into your problem then a picture will work great! Make sense?

In order to conjure up your picture, ask yourself a couple of questions and see what pops into your head.

  • If this issue had a certain look, what would it look like?
  • If this problem was represented by an object, what would that object be?

Do not judge what pops into your mind! Just go with it…

After you have your picture firmly planted in your mind, begin tapping on the acupressure points while describing what you are visualizing. No matter how random or crazy or weird it may seem! Have some fun with it! Describe what your are seeing and tap, describe and tap…

Tool #2 – Tuning Into The Body

Another fabulous way to go around using words to tap is using your body as a tool. Here, instead of using a visualization, we will focus on locating a physical sensation inside the body.

In order to start the process think of the problem / issue you want to tap on. Then drop your attention inside your body and see what you notice. Do you feel anything at all? Any tingling? Any sensations? Any pain?

Your intention will take you exactly where you need to go within the body. Again do not judge the process…trust what your body tells you and go with it. Once you have located one (or many!) sensations, focus on them while you tap the acupressure points.

You don’t have to say a thing, just focus and tap, focus and tap…

So Sneaky!

Well, now you have it! Two handy ways to get sneaky with EFT for those times when words escape you.

What did you think of this process? Any questions? Send me a quick note on your progress or post on the Facebook page!

Yours truly,

Terran Leigh

No Tapping Phrases? Do This!

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