Raise Your Vibration

Oh boy was I ever excited when I learned that Tapping raises my vibration and attracts new people into my life! What a happy discovery!

Lively. Lighter. Buzzing.

I realized this quickly through working with clients on their issues. After I figured out how to work with people without taking on their baggage, that is. I felt lively, lighter and like I was buzzing with energy. Yes I know this sounds cheesy but you will have to trust me on this one.

After having a session with my Tapping Coach I noticed how relaxed and happy I felt, and, sure enough strangers started to respond. I had a couple of people stop me on the streets of New York just to chat. I had someone walk up to me in Grand Central Station and strike up a conversation. At first, I found it weird because I had no clue why this was happening. Now I know and I sort of expect it!

Motivate. Attract. Inspire.

Realize that by you taking the leap to work on your issues and clear yourself of old baggage (whether you pay for a coach or tap with a buddy), you will inspire, motivate and attract others to you. They might want to know what you are doing to “get that glow”. They might want to be around you because you look cheerful.

Try it, see what happens. I challenge you to dedicate 1 hour each week to tap with someone and see where it takes you.

Well? Did you try tapping with someone for an hour each week? How was it? Did you notice any shifts? I’d love to know!  Send me a quick note on your progress or post on the Facebook page!

Yours truly,

Terran Leigh

Raise Your Vibration - Terran Leigh

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