Help! I Don’t Feel Like Tapping!



You know as well as I do that sitting down to tap on your issues is not always easy. If you are going at it alone, it can feel like a gigantic boulder blocking your path. Sometimes you just don’t feel like tapping on it, dang it!

Compared to facing those icky emotions that are bound to surface during tapping, suddenly spring cleaning your whole house might start to seem like a fun activity compared to tapping on your smoking habit.

How do you get around this?

Pesky Resistance

What’s happening here is resistance is showing up when all you want to do is tap your way to a better place. Taking a step back, your first item to tackle is the resistance itself, not the smoking habit.  Allow me to explain.

Where To Focus

Continuing with the example above, let’s say you want to tap on that pesky smoking habit of yours but every time you go to tap you find yourself distracted, super busy and thinking “I’ll do it later.”

First off, know that this reaction is so normal! 

Also know that your resistance will not magically disappear if you don’t face it specifically. So this clarifies the first step in the process: Tap on the resistance.

  1. Excuses, excuses! Here is the part where you get to rant! Go crazy…make a list of all the excuses your mind is coming up with to stop you from tapping. This is as simple listening to your mind chatter while you make a list. The EFT community calls these the “Yeah, buts…”  Some examples might be:
    • But I don’t feel like tapping!
    • I have more important things to do!
    • It will take too long. There isn’t enough time! 
    • What if tapping doesn’t work?
    • I would rather spring clean instead!
    • I won’t have the right words to tap on.
    • I don’t know where to start!
  2. Decide Your Number! Rate the strength of  your overall resistance right now in this moment on a 0-10 scale. Is there a ton of resistance at a 10? Or minimal resistance at a 4?
  3. Get To Tapping! Go down your list, tapping on each item as you move through the tapping points for 3-4 rounds.
  4. Breathe Deep, My Friend! Finish off with a nice, deep belly breath then measure your new number (resistance to tapping).
  5. Let It Be! Once you tap your resistance down to two, one or zero then you walk away. Let it marinate. Chances are you will find yourself sitting down to tap on your original subject within the next week or so!

After you tried this process, how long did it take to start tapping on your original issue? How many rounds did it take for your resistance to disappear?  Send me a quick note on your progress or post on the Facebook page!

Yours truly,

Terran Leigh

Help! I Don't Feel Like Tapping!


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