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Ever get stuck trying to figure out how to fix a problem, change a habit or just get yourself out of a tight spot but have ZERO ideas on how to get there?

Truth is, you have a ton of power right at your fingertips that you may not be aware of. It doesn’t matter what the problem is (I mean, let’s be reasonable folks, if it’s an emergency then get some help!) and for your garden variety, everyday conundrums EFT + the power of your subconscious mind work surprisingly well together as partners in crime for your benefit!

Narrow It Down

I’m just dying to give you some solid examples on what kinds of items you can use this on. Get ready to sink your paws in!

Questions on self improvement…

  • How do stay more organized in my workspace?
  • How can I create more “Me-Time” throughout my day?
  • What new habit can I create to replace my current bad habit?

Or what about those times you are in a pinch and need help fast…

  • HELP! I can’t find my car keys!

And finally the harder things in life…

  • How can I help myself learn to speak out for my benefit?
  • How can I support my loved one most in their time of need?
  • How can I help improve my relationship / friendship / parenting skills?

The Basic Premise

It’s like Google Search for your subconscious mind. 

First off, I want you to understand what we are doing here. Your mind is an extremely creative, resourceful, powerful computer and if you know how to access it efficiently you can solve many-a-problem.

A slight issue comes into play when you are seeking a solution from a place of stress or worry. What happens when you are stressed or worried about finding a solution is your creative juices (so to speak) go away momentarily. You have less access to that creative side of your brain until the stress response calms down and you are back in relaxed mode.

Using EFT will help to immediately calm the stress reaction and give you access to your creative side quickly. EFT Tapping tends to give you a clearer line of direct communication than using only your conscious mind alone (think: positive thinking and using affirmations). By Tapping your request in you are communicating more clearly with your problem-solver (your subconscious mind) and are therefore more likely to get an answer or (better yet!) many answers.

Step By Step

Let’s keep it simple,

Tapping on your acupressure points start talking through your problem and your desire to find a solution. It can be as simple  as, “I have this problem, insert your issue here and I am open to finding a solution.” continue tapping through all the points stating your issue then your desire for a solution.

A Couple of Ideas

When you are asking you subconscious mind for ideas, why not make things interesting? Adding the below tapping phrases and ideas will get you there!

  1. Ask For Multiple Ideas. Why settle for one single idea when your mind clearly has the power to give you more. Use tapping phrases like “I choose to find many ways to come to clear solutions.” and “I am open to discovering at least 5 ways to improve this situation.”
  2. Hit The EASY Button. As far as I am concerned, life is hard enough. Are you feeling me?  Let’s bring in more more fun, ample ease, tons of creativity, extra enjoyment and fill in the blank here. How to do this? While tapping, insert positive descriptives like “I choose to find creative ideas and come to a simple solution.” and “I am excited to find an effortless solution and have a blast getting there! Plant the ideas so your mind can work on creating them.

A Final Note

Let go and let grow!

Now comes the hard part: do nothing.

That’s right after you’ve tapped on finding multiple, creative ideas it is like you have placed an order with the Universe. Now it’s time to take a deep breath, put those tapping fingers down and let the Universe deliver. Have a post-it pad or your phone’s note taking app handy so you can record the answers as they can come at the most unexpected times.

Cheers to your future light bulbs!

After you tried this process, how long did it take your mind to come up with ideas? How many ideas did you get? Will you send me a quick note?

Yours truly,

Terran Leigh

Terran Leigh - Create A Light Bulb Moment!

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