How To Supercharge Your Self Growth

Assuming you are just like the rest of us humans walking around out there, then you too want more of the good stuff in life, right? It’s totally safe to expect, that on some level, we are all striving for a better life. You might seek more happiness, more energy, more love, more time, more freedom, more growth in overcoming your obstacles.

So I thought I would bring you a fun, effortless visualization you can use, paired with EFT, to supercharge your daydreams and bring more of what you define as important to your quality of life.

Whether you use meditation, affirmations, mindset work or NLP… chances are, you can supercharge it with this visualization + EFT combo.

Did I grab you yet? Let’s go!

Oh What Fun

First off, you will want to get creative and have fun with this exercise.

Think of this as play…instead of work!


Remember when you were young and you could get lost in daydreams, stories or fantasies? Or when you read a fun book / watched a movie (maybe on VHS!) and it felt completely real to your imaginative mind as a kid? That’s what I want you dipping into here: creative, fantastic, fun, imaginative energy.

Can you practice getting into it? When was the last time you took just 60 seconds of your busy day to sit and daydream? It can be so relaxing, I promise. Start small: 60 seconds here, 5 minutes there; you are golden. Gosh, even I had to practice at first.

So Here Is What You Do

  1. Start From Your Happy Place:-) As in you want to feel good before you start. Like attracts like, so if you want more of the good stuff then you have to start with the good stuff. Get into a happy mindset, an optimistic mood or those warm fuzzy feelings.
  2. Tap, Tap, Tap. Start tapping on all of the EFT acupressure points, 5-7 taps on each point.
  3. See It In Your Mind. The visualization piece is simple. All you are doing is imaging more of what you want. Fantasize. Imagine. Asking yourself a few simple questions should get the visuals flowing: What do you want more of? What does it look like? What does it feel like? How would your life change? How would people treat you? What would your perspective be?
  4. Anchor It. As a final step, anchor it in. Does this energy have a color? Or a “feel”? Is it light and airy or dense and solid? How do you experience the sensations? What other physical properties can you come up with? Using this as an anchor, allow it to sink into every cell of your body.

BOOM! You have now added volume and punch to your energy system.

The Wrap

If there’s anything at all that I can leave you with before wrapping this article it would be this: this is 100% playtime. The more fun you allow yourself to have while doing this, the more powerful it will be.

Now go play!

Can you allow yourself to be swept up in the fantasy even it’s just for 60 seconds out of your day? Can you get lost in your visualization? Can you connect with your inner kid in you who had an active imagination? Send me a quick note on how you were able to allow yourself to let go of your “adult thoughts” to access your “inner child” imagination. Please and thank you!

Yours truly,

Terran Leigh







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