Tap Yourself Ecstatic!

It’s Valentine’s Day weekend and ya either love it or ya hate it. You either subscribe to: #chocolate and #love or #lameholiday and #heartsareoverrated! Right?!

I thought we could try to mix things up: instead of a chocolate binge how about gifting yourself an “energy buzz” this Valentine’s Day weekend? You know that delicious, feel-good sensation that makes you all googly-eyed as you think to yourself, “Everything feels perfect in this moment!”? That’s what I am talking about! Look, I know how hard it is to access that “high-on-life” feeling but it can be done and here’s how…

Tapping yourself ecstatic is a simple, quick way to feel pleasure and those “warm fuzzies” that we all crave but don’t really know how to access. Cramming chocolate is one way to feel a rush of pleasure but it leaves you feeling guilty and all sugared out.

Let’s try something different this year. What have you got to lose? If you don’t like it you can always snatch your chocolate bar back up and continue where you left off!

Define Your Flavor

First things first! Let’s discover your own personal brand of happiness.

Ask yourself, “What does ecstasy feel like to me?”

Is it receiving attention from your loved ones? Is it feeling sexy after someone pays you a compliment? Is it that glow of confidence you bask in after you face a fear and overcome it? Write your descriptive words down on how and when you have felt ecstasy.

Really get in touch with your personal “flavor” of ecstasy. Do you feel warm and tingly all over your body? Do you feel a jolt of excitement and energy? Do you experience a sort of buzz of happiness? Write your descriptive words down.

The Conjuring

Next step is to conjure or recreate the feeling of ecstasy.

  1. Find a quiet spot where you can be alone and fully present. This means no cell phones, inboxes or little ones around.
  2. Sit or lay in a comfy position with your list of descriptive words in-hand, start reading each word off one by one. You can do this out loud or silently but choose the way that makes it more real and tangible for you. As you read you will notice there is a sensation or a specific energy behind every word. That word then creates a feeling inside your body. This is the beginning of your buzz;-)
  3. Continue reading the words as you add tapping in. While tapping through your points read one descriptive word at a time and focus on the sensation it creates in your body.
  4. Go through your list slowly building that buzz throughout your body over and over again. Enjoy it. Feel it. Relish it. Allow it to fully relax your body as you play with the positive sensations.

Wrap Up

The challenge is to take this buzz with you and tune into it throughout the rest of your day, that’s the tough part! It only takes a second to remember the sensation and bring it back to your point of awareness.

What are you most looking forward to this Valentine’s Day? Send me a quick note. Whether you can’t wait for this holiday to pass or you just received a dozen roses…I want to know! I love hearing from you.

Lots of love,

Terran Leigh

Tap Yourself Ecstatic! - Terran Leigh - EFT Tapping Practitioner- Keep Calm & Tap On It







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