Wild Women

I was invited to a Wild Women’s Circle in NYC.  My immediate thought was “Hmm, this might get a little crazy!” along with visions of a group of women dancing naked around a campfire howling at the moon.

“Should I be scared?” I wondered.

I reasoned it out with the facts: if it’s located in mid-town Manhattan during the daytime, chances are there will be no nakedness, no moon and surely no campfire! Phew! With that all worked out I realized I wanted to go and see what this was all about.

“So, Terran, what is a Wild Women’s circle?” you ask. Well, I’ll tell you!

The Scene

Wandering  around midtown mostly lost, trying to find this one unmarked skyscraper I finally arrived and hopped on the elevator to Floor 20. “Ding!” I stepped off and entered the most peaceful ambiance: patterned blankets and brightly colored mats were laid out in a circular pattern,  (fake) candles were lit around the inner circle and, lastly, there was a round cloth dead center of the room that held the Goddess Cards. There was calming music playing in the background and everyone was either silent or talking in whispers.

The Feeling

This had to be the most meditative experience I had since moving to New York! We had the opportunity to quietly reflect and envision ourselves at our most creative selves. We also got to craft and create a token to serve as a reminder of this Wild Women’s Circle experience.

The Creation

That’s right folks we broke out the scissors and construction paper to craft like kindergarten students! It was a blast. We were instructed to create a sun with each sun ray representing a specific creative quality about ourselves.

This got me thinking,

What creative aspects of my personality do I love and want to enhance?

Here is what came to mind:

  • My sensitivity is a creative aspect that I love to expand.
  • My desire to help others feel better and live happier lives.
  • My willingness to jump on with others and with their vision to help them execute their goals.
  • My never-ending search for personal self-growth using tools that feel like a natural fit for me.

What if you were to ask yourself that very same question?

What creative aspects of your personality do you love and want to enhance?

Try meditating on your answers and see where it leads you.

What came up in your meditation? Send me a quick note. I love hearing your stories!

Lots of love,

Terran Leigh

Wild Women - Terran Leigh







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