Winter Woes

What’s got you down this winter? Sniffles and colds? Low energy and comfort eating? The blues? Ever thought about helping your body cope with these symptoms via tapping? Let’s do it!

Bullet Points

These are my top 3 Winter Woes:

  • Daily sniffles and runny nose
  • Wanting to eat comfort foods (It’s ice cream for me, oddly enough!)
  • Low energy and a lack of motivation to get up and move

Next Steps

Keeping this really simple I don’t feel the need to give each bullet point a SUDs rating. I start stream-of-thought tapping around my bullet points. Like this:

  • “Now that winter has hit I battle with daily sniffles and a runny nose and I’m choosing to give my body full permission to heal.”
  • “It’s cold and dark out and it makes me desire more comfort. I really want my ice cream! It helps me relax and allows me to do something fun…indoors! I’m choosing to give myself the space to find a different way of comforting myself.” Here you might come up with other fun things you like to do indoors and tap around these too. “I enjoy reading and cozying up in my bed. I enjoy discovering new music and creating playlists. I’m open to doing fun stuff without needing my ice cream. I’m open to forgetting to use ice cream as a source of comfort!”
  • “I have zero energy during the winter because my body is overly taxed. I’m open to shifting my body’s ability to hold onto my hard-earned energy. I’m open to getting a good night’s sleep and holding onto my precious energy for longer periods throughout the day. What if I could let go of the habits that cost my body to lose energy? What if I could find myself feeling energetic even at the end of a long winter day?”

Normally around the second day of tapping through my list my sniffles start clearing up and I feel more energized. It’s amazing!

Try tossing in your own creative ideas as you tap through this a couple of times each week. You might notice some pretty amazing shifts in your body and how it handles the Winter Woes!

What are your top 3 bullet points? Send me a quick note. I love your answers!


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