Not The Kind of SUDs You Are Thinking Of!

Well not really bubbles as in sudsy bubbles…more like SUDS as in Subjective Units of Distress in EFT Tapping. One gets you clean and the other gets you clear! See what I did there?

When I say Subjective Units of Distress you probably zone out, right? It sounds like a dull subject and I can hear you snoozing already! Promise, I’ll keep it quick so continue reading!

What Is It?

The SUDs scale is a handy little tool that makes it easy to tell if you are making progress while tapping on a your issue. Of course, there are countless ways to test your progress but using the SUDs scale is, in my opinion, the simplest way. It was especially helpful when I was just learning how to tap. Choose the way that works for you!

The Basics

Step 1) Think of your issue / problem.

Step 2) Ask yourself: How bad is it for me? What number would I use to rate this problem? Note: Typically the SUDs scale ranges from 1-10 but any number is okay. For example, if the number 35 pops into your head when you ask yourself the above questions, great! Don’t judge it, just go with it. Write it down as your starting point.

Step 3) Tap a round or two on your problem and all thoughts that come up around it.

Step 4) Stop tapping, take a deep breath to clear your mind and test your SUDs rating again by asking yourself the very same questions: How bad is it for me? What number would I use to rate this problem? Note: You want to keep the questions consistent because if you change your questions you may not notice your shifts in distress or perspective around the original subject. You aren’t truly testing the original subject if you change questions each time you tap. It is okay to change the questions once you reach a SUDs rating of zero because it is as if you have completely put the first  issue / problem “to rest” and are now starting with a separate subject and set of questions. Make sense? Hopefully so!

Enjoy Your Bubbles

Now you have the basics down and can put it to practice…if you dare.

Any questions about Subjective Units of Distress or the SUDs Scale? Send me a quick note. I enjoy your questions!


Terran Leigh

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