Dump Old Habits in 2016

As per the usual, New Year resolutions buzz can now be heard in snippets of random conversation. People are chatty about their latest resolutions and how this year will be the year they actually work. These resolutions, flipped on their side, are simply an attempt to break old habits, right? So instead of muscling through them on willpower alone, why not try a different approach?

Some Back Story

So I’ll give you an example of something I worked on for myself and that is alcohol. I can remember when I was in college I had a lackluster relationship with alcohol. I didn’t get it. It wasn’t tasty, or at least what I was drinking wasn’t. Frankly, I thought it was gross. I didn’t particularly see the point of getting a buzz because it turned people into idiots, myself included. I drank socially to fit in but it wasn’t enticing.

The Next Phase

I moved to Pennsylvania then to Texas in my mid to upper twenties. More of the same, now everyone seemed to be focused on beer and sports bars. Beer makes me gag and I am sports illiterate so aside from the occasional round of brunch mimosas or dinner margaritas, I still did not enjoy alcohol. Not a bad problem, huh? Believe me I was not complaining!

Then Bubbly Walked In

Then I grew up to be a big girl or so I like to think! I moved to New York and discovered that alcohol can actually taste amazing. Give me a glass of Prosecco, Cava or an Old Fashioned and I am a happy gal. Nothing changes as you get older, hanging with friends still mainly revolves around alcohol, so there’s that little problem. I found myself drinking more than I was comfortable with. I saw that my alcohol intake was increasing. I realized that even though I wanted to say no to the next glass, I didn’t. I decided something had to be done.

To Break A Habit…

You guys know I use EFT for anything and everything I possibly can. It’s easy, it’s free and it normally delivers quick results. So here is what I did.

…Break The Habit Down

To break a habit, you have to break the habit down. I wrote out a list of the positives:

  • What I loved about drinking my favorite drink. (Example: the delightful flavor, drinking from a flute, the sound of the cork popping)
  • What feelings I felt when I hit that happy buzz.
  • The sweetness of the drink and the feel of the bubbles in my mouth.
  • Wanting to drink in order to blend in with my friends.
  • The fact that when the bartender pops a fresh bottle open, it actually made me feel special. (Haha! Can you believe this madness?)

Then I wrote out a list of the negatives:

  • How I felt disappointed in myself for overdoing it time after time.
  • Feeling gross and sloppy in the morning.
  • How I wasn’t being kind to my body.
  • The fact that I felt a bit out of control.
  • I was afraid the drinking would continue to escalate.

Then I tapped on this list a few times each week to see how quickly I would notice a change.

I also tapped a few rounds each time I came home with a buzz. I would use phrases like, “Here I am, I overdid it again. I don’t like feeling compromised. I know I will pay for this in the morning. I am losing my self-control and it really scares me.”

Then I would inevitably fall asleep and wake up to face my disappointment. Again I would tap in the morning, “I am so disappointed in myself. I am supposed to be better than this. What’s my deal? When will this end? I don’t trust myself to stop.”

Within a few months, I noticed myself forgetting to overdo it. I noticed myself having two drinks max and sometimes leaving a sip or two in my glass at the end of the night. I noticed I stayed to hang out with my friends even after I was done drinking. I found myself looking at the bottle to refill my glass and then the thought, “No, I think I am done for the night.” would pop in and I would move on. I even noticed myself deciding not to drink when I was out with friends and received a pat on the back for being “so headstrong”. What a shift!

All that is to say, that you can use EFT as a tool to break any habit, bad or otherwise, if you deconstruct the habit to bits and pieces you can clear each piece out one at a time. A habit is a grouping of pieces of behavior that have been developed over time. As you tap on each piece, your mind tosses it out and one day you will notice you ‘forgot’ about the habit and find it hard to understand how it was ever a part of your life.

Give it a try in 2016!

Now that I got you thinking about how to break habits, what is the first one you will work on? Send me a quick note. I love hearing from you!


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