Christmas Canceled

I gave myself a massive gift this year: I canceled Christmas.

She Did What?!

Really, it’s not as dramatic as it sounds, stick around and I’ll explain.

So if you keep up with my blog (*wink*) you already know that my 2016 promise is to get in more “Me Time” (quality time with yours truly). Let me tell you, it is quite a challenge! You know the feeling, right? The second you say you want some peace and quiet, life becomes chaotic, busy, crazy and unyielding. Fun, fun!

After much whining on my part about how I feel like life has been too busy and I have so little time to relax and I feel as though I am spread thin these days, I decided to sort of cancel Christmas this year. I knew that if I said yes to any of the lovely invitations to crash other friend’s Christmas gatherings I wouldn’t be honoring myself. I wouldn’t be slowing down. I wouldn’t get my Me Time, dang it!

A Different Kind of Holiday

So I took this time off to be a solo little Christmas elf holed up in her Brooklyn apartment all by her lonesome. In a way it was hard being alone for Christmas. It felt strange to not be surrounded by amazing people, delicious food and a bit of wine (okay, maybe a lot of wine). I have never known such a quiet Christmas but, on the other hand, it was nice. Underneath it all, the fact that I chose to be by myself was, in a way, putting myself and my needs first. I feel like I hit the Reset button! A new woman!

And…Next Year?

Will I be doing this again? Probably not. My friends are still giving me crap for missing out on fun things but here’s to 2016! I am choosing a quieter, healthier, happier year ahead.

How were your holidays? Send me a quick note. I love hearing from you guys and gals so send it on in…

Lots of love,

Terran Leigh

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