Word Play!

Tapping can bring your words to life.

Okay, what do I mean by that? Well, let me give an example. Have you ever tried using affirmations to change a behavioral pattern? You can repeat affirmations until you’re blue in the face and notice that they simply will not work if you have an inner resistance to the affirmations. Yet toss in some tapping and voila! the affirmation subtly begins to change. Slowly the affirmation begins to sound believable and eventually it feels like a real possibility. Isn’t that just a funny little thing?

Going along with that same concept, tapping seems to allow your body to connect to and truly react based on the words you speak.

Think about it for a second! Ever notice how you can tap on a pain in your body and experience relief by addressing your symptoms specifically? Or how about when you tap on an old triggering memory that has haunted you for years and finally experience relief from it?

Power Of Your Words

Knowing this gives you a huge amount of power when it comes to how you want to feel after a tapping session. Any one of my clients will tell you I often toss in the phrase “I choose to release and relax.”  They often report that immediately after they repeat that phrase during a tapping session they feel their body actively relax as the tension melts out of their muscles.

Like I said above, tapping enables your body to listen to and react to your words. It’s a form of mind-body communication. Quite a miracle, huh!?

No Limits

So why not get creative with your wording? Why not choose the state of feeling that you want to bring into your body?

You can choose to create a more stress-free, relaxed feeling state within your body and your life simply by tapping them in. Think of tapping as a loudspeaker!

I thought I’d give you some ideas to get started. You might try sprinkling them into your tapping sessions and see how you like it:

  • “I’m choosing to release and relax my body.”
  • “I’m choosing to allow my body to release this tension.”
  • “I’m choosing to feel this emotion to drain out of every cell of my body.”
  • “I’m choosing to allow my body to release any discomfort.”

What are your go-to tapping phrases that bring an instant physical release in your body? Send me your suggestions. I love hearing from you guys and gals so send it on in…

Lots of love,

Terran Leigh

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