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I adore my clients and I get giddy when they come to me with questions, comments and tapping ideas. Such a nerd, I know!

Recently one of my clients dug up an older video I shot of myself on my iPad from my sweet, little bedroom in Bellaire, Texas back in 2014. Here it is! Not very hi-tech but wasn’t I cute?

Looking back at that time in my life, I was just getting started with my EFT Practice and had only a few coaching clients. Most of my clients at the time were struggling with putting themselves and their needs first.

They felt exhausted, stressed and unhappy in their lives and wanted coaching to get back on track. After all the tapping we did together I felt inspired to set a theme for myself that year. I decided that the theme should be to nourish myself and bring the focus back to me. Basically it was a re-commitment to pay attention to myself because, and ladies you especially know this, sometimes you get so caught up in taking care of everyone else’s needs that you push yourself aside. You worry about other people and what they need so much that you might start to neglect yourself. Do you know that feeling at all?

Re-Re-Re Commitment

After watching the video again and being fully aware that we have a brand new year lurking around the corner, I have decided it’s time to re-re-commit to that theme of nourishing myself. So I started small. I sat down and jotted a short list of slightly challenging things I am doing to nourish myself. These things are a part of my life, but they are also the first thing I dump the second I have the opportunity to take the easy way out.

Here is a list of things I have started to focus on and the reasons why they are important to me.

  • I’ve turned down time with my gal pals to sweat for an hour and 15 minutes at hot yoga. I’m sticking to my “get healthy” promise. Why? Because I feel healthier, happier and more grounded after every class. Happy body = happy Terran.
  • I’ve taken myself clothes shopping. Why? Because I feel sexier, happier and more deserving of love and attention with new threads!
  • I’ve stuck to a steady lunch of healthy salads. Why? Greens and veggies are good!
  • Going gentle on the alcohol. Why? I enjoy a drink every now and then but I also enjoy knowing that I’m cutting back on something that doesn’t make my body too happy.

What are you doing to prep for the new you in the New Year? Send me your stories. I love hearing from you guys and gals so send it on in…


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