The Journey

I am not an outdoorsy person but every once in a while an activity pops up that I can brave. A few of my girlfriends suggested we jump on the train at Grand Central and get off in Pawling, NY to hike a piece of the Appalachian Trail up to Cats Rock.

“Awesome idea!” I thought. So we did.

Ups and Downs

I enjoyed the first 20 minutes of the hike because it was a fresh, new experience and I felt like a badass. This quickly changed when it got a bit tougher. The leaves were slippery (at least one of us fell on our butt but I’m not naming names!), the terrain rose steeply, there was a patch of rocks to climb…we got a little lost…

We got to a point where we were not even sure if we would make it up to Cats Rock in time to be back for our train and considered turning around just to be on the safe side.

Thankfully we pushed on. We got to easier parts and were able to trek over even walking trails and wooden pathways that hovered just above shallow water. It was lovely!

We made it to Cats Rock by lunch with 10 minutes to eat and drink then start our hurried decent in time for the train.

Sticking To It

I wanted to write about our mini-hiking trip because it felt relevant to the growth I have experienced in the last few years. I am speaking  from the perspective of both an EFT practitioner and a client.

When I first stumbled on tapping I was pumped! I could see a light at the end of my tunnel. I experienced huge relief from tapping and figured I would easily have all of my “emotional stuff” handled within a year or two then I would be good to go. As in I would be done with my inner growth work and able to sit back and enjoy my life.

I think I was picturing a permanent life vacation where sparkles, unicorns and rainbows were the standard. Hah! Can you blame me for being a tiny bit ecstatic at this prospect? EFT is powerful stuff, it really ignites one’s imagination!

What I did not realize is that after you handle some of your “stuff”, you sort of level up and feel amazing! However instead of the permanent life vacation setting in, the next thing to happen is more “stuff “surfaces; the next level of stuff, if you will. Sometimes that “stuff “knocks you down. Sometimes life still gets hard (though not as hard as pre-EFT, in my opinion) and can take extra time to work through. You have to keep at it. Keep pushing forward, keep moving along the trail.

I also see this cycle in my own clients as they tap, notice the life-changing results, then feel overwhelmed by the next layer of stuff that comes up and have to continue persevering to clear that next layer. They ask the question: When do you finish? When do you get to the bottom of the “stuff’? The answer: It depends how far you want to go. How much time do you have? How much growth do you want?

The Trail Doesn’t Finish Itself

The point of my post today is we almost quit during the hike. We nearly turned around and decided our final destination was not worth missing our train. There were also times in my growth journey where I felt it was too hard to continue. I wanted to quit and just go back to not trying so hard; not caring.

Some Cheesy Inspiration 

Luckily I always came back to my senses and reinstated my resolve. Even after stumbling on my own personal “trail of life” (I know, that sounded super cheesy!) and deciding to take a break from tapping on my issues or quit working with my EFT coach. Even when I wanted to hide, I always ended up coming back and starting fresh. That is what counts. It does not matter how hard, how much or far you fall. What matters is that you renew your drive, realize you are worth it and start again from the exact spot you are in. So push on. Give yourself a break if you need it but make and keep a promise to yourself to start again with fresh resolve.

How do you push yourself forward when the going gets tough? Send me your stories. I love hearing from you guys and gals!


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