My Biggest Flaw

I have a ton of flaws. #surprise

Anyone close to me can clearly see them hovering above my head like thought bubbles. At any given moment, I am shy, needy, emotional to a fault, a ball of anxiety, awkward, skittish, angry at nothing in particular and overly hard on myself. My biggest flaw is not listed above and it is not some raging secret I’ve kept buried for years and years. Sorry to disappoint! I think my biggest flaw is trying to hide my all of my flaws in the first place. Oy!

Chosen On A Whim

“Why is she writing about this?” you simply must be wondering. The answer is I haven’t a clue except that as I was reading through notes from the latest Surge Mastermind the words “My Biggest Flaw” jumped out at me. They were dying to be written about so I figured, why the hell not? And here we are. Yes, folks, this is it: pure inspiration.

Humor Me

This is not a ‘downward spiral of negative things about Terran’ blog post. No, instead this is me being a tad vulnerable and dumping some thoughts out on the inter webs about what it means to embrace your flaws and learn to feel comfy with the parts of yourself you wish you could change. Yes, I’ve noticed that this post is starting to sound cheesy and cliche…settle in people I am in my element now!

The Cheesy & The Cliche

Before I start preaching on how one must embrace their flaws to find true happiness, love oneself whole heartedly and heal one’s inner children to experience peace, etc (said in a cheesy, sing-song voice). I’ll just stop. I will not go there. No preaching today, I promise.

Try Me

Instead of my preaching I want you to try this: picture yourself going through life attempting to hide yourself, who you are, your mistakes, your demons, your shortcomings, all the times you failed, missed the mark and didn’t win. How does that feel? Write it down.

Now try an alternative stream: imagine yourself going through life wearing your true colors, who you are is displayed on your shoulders, your mistakes are totally obvious to everyone and you know it, your demons are your little buddies, your shortcomings make you laugh out loud, all the times you failed are like a trophies you collect and all the times you didn’t win turn into outrageous stories to regale your friends with. How does that feel? Write it down and compare to above.

Choose the better option for you. That’s it. Have a completely awesome week!

So what did you choose? Which choice actually felt better? Which was the scarier one? Send me your thoughts. I want your questions and aha’s!


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