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My advice is to always start from exactly where you are.

Knowing how to start from exactly where you are is half the battle with EFT. Some tappers want to launch straight for the positive phrases while others start in the negative, clear themselves then leave it at that. There is nothing wrong with either way, but I have a great idea to toss your way!

The Downers

If you feel negative, tap it out. Voice your exact feelings (as dark, disturbing and painful as they may be) as you focus on each acupressure point. Stick with the negative until it doesn’t feel true for you or you find yourself bored or unable to access it any longer. That’s how you know you have released the ‘sting’ of the emotion and broken the automatic emotional response. Be persistent as you may not have ever allowed yourself to truly go there. Once you do this, you can finally release it. Get the help and support of a qualified therapist, EFT Practitioner or trustworthy friend if this feels scary for you in any way.

The Uppers

If you feel positive, tap if in. Feeling good? Awesome, tap that in! Make a list of the good things you want more of in your life. More money, more love, more ease, more time, more smiles and laughs…go crazy with it. Growth is the key here. Wanting more good in your life is a lovely concept and most of the time we stay locked in the negative that we forget to play with creating more goodies for ourselves.  Why don’t you try it?

Create An Open Door 

Sometimes it can seem way easier to tap on the negative than the positive, right? Negativity comes naturally to us as humans because biologically we are always focused on pain and how to avoid it. Pain grabs our attention more; ‘pain screams louder’ I like to say. How do you shift this? Give pain a voice. You have probably been pushing it away from you for years unable and unwilling to face it. Once you tap on and release it then you create a sort of open door to step through.

Try inserting “Even though have this problem, I’m open to shift to a new way of viewing it.” “Even though I feel absolutely stuck, I choose something better. Even though I can’t see a way out of this, I deserve something different.” Continue introducing new possibilities of “something better or something different” as you tap and your mind will start to shift. You will surprise yourself by the new ideas that begin to occur to you where it only seemed like a dead-end before.

How do you know where to start when you sit down to do self-work? Send me your stories. because I love hearing your thoughts, questions and aha’s!


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