Feeling Creaky?

So I’m 30 years old.

I’m sure I have a lot to learn about aging gracefully and I’m starting to get a taste of the “not feeling like a young spring chicken anymore” part of my life. If I’m being truly honest about the whole thing…I’m scared out of my mind about aging. I know, I know…I’m still young and have a long way to go, but I’m starting some maintenance tapping for good measure!

Want to join me?

Yes, I Am High Maintenance

  1. Ask – What scares you about aging? Here are my answers: weight gain, my eyesight going bad, more pain and body aches.

My daily tapping phrases:

I’m worried about weight gain, my eyesight going bad, more pain and body aches and I’m choosing to release and let these worries go.

I’m afraid of how my body will change as I get older and I’m still choosing to release and relax around these fears.

I’m sad to lose my youth and not sure of what the next years of my life will bring and I’m still choosing to calm myself anyway!

I’ll start daily tapping on this, for those who would like to join me, message me on Facebook!

What scares you as you move through life?   Send me your thoughts,  I wanna hear what is on your mind!


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