When Life Starts Delivering

When you embark on your inner transformation,  life will start giving you more of what you want. Sometimes the struggle becomes how to shift over from a place of “life isn’t working out how I want” to a place of “Yes! More of this, please!”

At first glance it seems like this wouldn’t be a problem, right? It can be a source of discomfort if you aren’t used to getting what you want. Many people have spent their lives frustrated with fighting for but not truly getting what they want. As you may have noticed, once you hire an EFT Practitioner, Life Coach or someone to help you truly focus on what you desire…things start changing. You actually start moving in the direction of your dreams and that includes getting what you want.

Speak For Myself

I spent years frustrated because no matter how many times I asked for what I wanted I never got it. Even growing up, I rarely got the exact gift I asked for. Many times it was because of money or my parents trying to teach me life lessons or what I was asking for wasn’t realistic. My parents were always doing the best they could and I honor them for all of the amazing things they did for me. Still I somehow formed the belief that no matter what I want, I won’t get it. Thoughts like, “Why bother?”, “It’s not worth it.” and “I ask but it doesn’t come.” became my norm.

FF (Fast Forward)

Hit the fast forward button, that was then. My experience these days tends to be that I am getting what I want more often than not.

It hit me like a ton of bricks: I. Am. Getting. What. I. Want. It’s so noticeable now that I’m watching for it but it took me a long time to see it. I was still seeing life through my old, unhappy filter.

Tips to see your life is shifting:

  1. Write it down! – Grab a journal and a pen and channel your past self before your life started changing. What were your problems? Your struggles? Your daily complaints? Once you have that down, write what you see that’s different. Are you still struggling with the same problems and complaints?
  2. Check in with your body! – As in sit down and do a body scan of your level of health and I will give you questions to ask yourself: Am I in as much physical pain or discomfort as I used to be in? How is my anxiety these days? Have I been waking up more rested lately?  These questions will help you determine your quality of life since you started your inner transformation.

How do you notice your transformation and growth? Send me your stories ! It’s fun hearing your thoughts, questions and aha’s!


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    October 25, 2015

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