Set The Tone

Try this great technique to start your day off right! It’s better than eating your Wheaties!

Wakey Wakey!

  1. Ask – When you wake up in the morning ask yourself: “What emotion would feel amazing to bask in today?” Let the answer pop in: Happy, chill, lucky, excited, calm, vibrant, relaxed, creative…
  2. Feel – Take the emotions you want to feel and visualize bringing them into your body. If you have trouble creating this feeling in the moment then poke around in your memory for a time in your past where you have experienced those feelings.
  3. Visualize – Next take those feel good emotions and pair them with a visualization of what would make for a really fun, incredibly awesome day. You don’t have to believe this will happen…what’s key is truly feeling it and creating that experience in your body or your energy system.
  4. Bonus Points – You get bonus points if you tap while you visualize;-)

Go forth and rock your life, my loves. Rock. Your. Life.

Did you try this exercise? Well? What do you think?!  Send me your stories I wanna hear about it!


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  • Laurie Carr
    October 19, 2015

    Luv it…will try this tomorrow morning

  • lovleighme
    October 19, 2015


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