Adam Driver LIVE!

So last night was a blast! I got to watch a live interview of Adam Driver.

Adam Got An A+

A night at The Gramercy Theatre proved to be serious and intimate. The theatre filled up slowly as people settled in to watch the star tell all. It felt like a candid peek into the personality of Adam.

attends the Adam Driver talk with Lizzie Widdicombe during The New Yorker Festival 2015 at Gramercy Theatre on October 3, 2015 in New York City.

Actor Adam Driver talks with Lizzie Widdicombe during The New Yorker Festival 2015 at Gramercy Theatre on October 3, 2015 in New York City. Source: Getty Images

He was funny without even trying to be. He would mutter things under his breath as though he was talking to himself but of course he was mic’ed up so we all heard it.

He was casual, comfy and unapologetically himself. He was also very real  and openly admitted that the side effects of fame: people walking up to him on the street and asking for an autograph or people yelling “You’re an asshole!” at him when he’s walking through his neighborhood can be really great at times and a nuisance at others. I mean, can you imagine people yelling “You’re an asshole!” at you when they don’t even know you personally!? This is what happened to him during the first season of Girls before his character, Adam Sackler, had completely formed.


He also talked a good deal about his experience in the military and how after 911 he signed up immediately to take action. He mentioned that after he began acting, many of his army buddies didn’t know what he was up to until they started a text chain while watching the Emmy’s and his nomination! Funny what fame will do, huh?

Lizzie Got An A For Effort

Lizzie Widdicomb was Adam’s interviewer. I think the whole audience was either severely annoyed or feeling bad for poor Lizzie as she tried to articulate her questions clearly. It was uncomfortable for all of us watching the interview as she struggled to find the right topics and questions to ask. It seems like Adam would have deserved a seasoned interviewer instead, but she gave it hell so A for effort! Poor dear.

I was relieved when they finally let Lizzie off the hook and transitioned to the Q&A portion which allowed the audience to start asking the questions.

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