Pull Your Answers From Thin Air!

Want to learn a really helpful secret? Want to know how to pull answers and solutions to your daily problems right from thin air?

Yes…you do!

You, my friends, have all of the answers right at your fingertips. I mean quite literally at your fingertips. You know where this is going. Tapping…duh.

Pull Your Answers From Thin Air

Next time you have a problem, question or conundrum try using these phrases to tap with…

“Even though I have no idea how to solve this problem, I’m open to fun, creative, inspiring ideas.”

“Even though this problem is insurmountable, I’m open to a solution popping right into my mind.”

“Even though I can’t come up with a solution, I choose to allow an idea (or five ideas) to come to me.”

Do this for a couple of rounds then check in with your mind, have any new ideas come up? Has something occurred to you that wasn’t apparent before? If so, great! Take action and start implementing. If not, no problem! This is your cue to give it more time. Walk away from the issue for the next few hours or a day and let it incubate. Your answers will come soon:-)

Did you try it? Send me your stories  about what you experienced after using the tapping phrases in this post! It’s so fun hearing your thoughts, questions and aha’s!

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Lots of Love,

Terran Leigh








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