Gimme, Gimme, Gimme.

EFT has made me mighty greedy.

It feels like I am always chasing more. I am simply never satisfied with how things are in my life when I know they can be improved with a few taps of my fingertips. I am not sure if this is a blessing or a curse, but it sure makes for an amazing, fun, ever-changing  journey. A journey of more, more, more, gimme, gimme, gimme…pretty please with a cherry on top (I have to keep my Southern manners).

Part of growing as a person is asking for more. Always ask for more, always ask for something better than you’ve had before. How else will you level up? This is growth.

Get Greedy

Greed is good in this situation, right? EFT delivers more of the good stuff. More stress relief. More happiness. More of what you want in your life. More emotional freedom. More pain relief.

I see no problem here.

Are You Squirming Yet?

Am I making you uncomfortable? When I tell you to ask for more does that bother you? When I tell you to get greedy do you want to crawl under a rug and hide? Good, that means this blog post is just for you!

It’s alright to want a better life. It’s great to not settle for less. However, if you are like a lot of my clients you may not have gotten the message that it was not acceptable to want more. Many people were taught that asking for more is bad, unappreciative and just flat-out wrong! If your parents were not raised to really enjoy life and always ask for more, then chances are, they could not teach you to live this way. We teach what we know.

Get Grabby

Think about asking for more, getting it, feeling good, then asking for even more. How does that feel? If you are like most, it feels uncomfortable and greedy. Just sit with the discomfort and think for a minute: How can you change if you don’t break away from what you were taught? How can you break old patterns if you are not doing something different?

Out With The Old

Well it’s 2015. Isn’t it time you start getting what you want? Haven’t you put in enough time, effort and energy only to be frustrated by mediocre, disappointing results?

I had to ask myself these very same questions back in 2009 and this is what pushed me to snap out of my misery and start taking action to clear my depression. It was delicious to finally find a tool (EFT, that is!) that could give me the freedom I craved.

I encourage you to do the very same thing. EFT (along with other energy therapy techniques) is easy to learn and free to everyone who is interested in changing. So grab life by the balls and start tapping people!

It is time to take your life back, rebuild your confidence and feel damn good again! Send me your stories  about how your technique-of-choice has completely changed your life. Where were you when you started your inner work and how has your life morphed? What technique do you stand behind? I adore hearing your thoughts, questions and aha’s!

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Lots of Love,

Terran Leigh








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