Mirror, Mirror On The Wall

I’m certain you’ve heard about (the-oh-so-dreaded) mirror work. You have, haven’t you?

You know… when you stand in front of the mirror and tap through your negative self-talk, negative body image, etc. It can be an extremely challenging exercise in the beginning but tends to get easier as you clear your negative beliefs.

Working Up To It 

So how do you start? If you’re like me when I first started and like most people, just thinking about standing in front of a mirror will send you running for the hills.  My remedy for this is simple: start by tapping on the idea of doing this exercise.

Start by visualizing yourself in front of the mirror. Then start vocalizing your fears, worries and anxieties out loud as you tap through the EFT points (you shouldn’t be in front of an actual mirror at this point). Be sure to write down your SUDS level before you begin so you can measure your progress.

Tap through everything until you feel like you are neutral to the idea or at a zero in your SUDS scale. Then take a break. Go do something else for a while. Give yourself time to process the work you did. When you are ready to try again, start with the visualization once more. Do you still feel as triggered as you did before? Do you have more fears, worries and anxieties to tap on? If your answer is yes, then repeat the above exercise.

Mirror, Mirror On The Wall

If your answer is no, then you are ready to dip your toe in the water:-)

Get yourself in front of a mirror…paper and pen in-hand…deep breath…look into your own eyes and allow your mind to begin analyzing your reflection.

Notice what your mind is telling you. Jot notes and phrases down, rate them each with a SUDS level then step away from the mirror.

Sit down and begin tapping on each phrase you wrote until you reach a zero.

A few examples are…

“I am ugly but I’m choosing to shift these thoughts anyway.”

“I feel fat but I’m choosing to change these thoughts.”

“I look bad in this light but I’m choosing to shift these negative beliefs.”

Are You Ready To Soar?

Repeat the processes above until you feel less triggered by the thought and action of standing in front of the mirror. Then you will want to go above and beyond feeling neutral or less triggered to feeling downright amazing! Start by making a short list (think: 3-5 items) of things you love about your body or things you want to love about your body. Examples…”I love my bone structure…I love my bright eyes…I love my height…I love my smile…I love my confidence”

Or how do you want to feel when you look into the mirror? Examples…”I feel sexy when I see my reflection…I feel content…I feel optimistic…I feel happy…I feel proud”

Tap those in until you feel high as a kite and happy as cherry pie! (lol don’t judge me!)

Hope you enjoy!

Did you try this exercise? Well? What do you think?!  Send me your stories I love hearing your thoughts, questions and aha’s!


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