Light Your Own Fire!

Let’s play this week with a fun EFT Tapping exercise!

Grab a pen, a sheet of paper and plop yourself down into your comfy chair. Begin numbering the lines from 1-20. Starting at number 20 jot down things you adore about yourself. Write down things you simply love about your life. Write down things you want more of. Write down the things you want to bring into your life.

Here’s my list:

  1. Beach time with friends!
  2. My sense of independent, adventure in discovering music shows!
  3. My approachability!
  4. My sense of humor!
  5. Finding little pockets of extra time!
  6. Walking the city!
  7. Activities with my gal pals both singled and coupled.
  8. Yoga practice!
  9. The way I toss my head back when I laugh!
  10. Drinking the summer heat in!
  11. Watching my clients change before my eyes!
  12. My cozy bedroom!
  13. The little blue hook handle on my umbrella!
  14. The amazing people I work with each day!
  15. My plaid PJ shorts!
  16. Smorgasburg!
  17. Greenpoint, Brooklyn!
  18. Snapchatting relentlessly!
  19. Burying myself in a book!
  20. Blogging!

Now tap up the list in your most enthusiastically, excited, awe-inspiring voice (fake it if you’re not feeling it quite yet…it’ll come!) repeating “I love…(fill in number 20)!”, then go up one “I adore (fill in number 19)!”, then up another “I enjoy (fill in number 18)!” and so on.  Do this 2 times through the whole list gradually working your way up to the top.

Feeling high yet?!

Did you try this exercise? Well? What do you think?!  Send me your stories I love hearing your thoughts, questions and aha’s!


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